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I've had nothing to blog lately. Even though I've wanted to blog, nothing was happening. Last night I sat thinking, "I should have blogged about the crazy knitter at the baseball game in May after all. And I left Date Lab behind last month without a word. WHAT was I thinking? Is this what moving back to Indiana has done to me? There will be nothing funny to blog about anymore?? Drat."

Yeah, I over thought it just a little ... but then this opportunity dropped into my lap today.

For those of you that don't know, I moved back to Indiana last month. What that has amounted to so far is finding fun things to do in Indy on the weekends and sitting in front of the computer in New Richmond trying to find jobs to apply to all week. The weekday part kind of sucks.

Until today when it was kind of funny. I never expected career sites to provide me anything blog related, but thanks to SimplyHired for this:

Graphic Designer Needed
Indianapolis, IN
Adult Internet company seeks experienced Mac artist to design print ads, catalogs, marketing and promo materials for SpreadYourPorn.com. We are looking for self-motivated and smart individuals (must be at least 18 years of age to apply) that can develop specific sections for http://SpreadYourPorn.com. You'll be responsible for coming up with new designs on a continual basis (please visit site for feedback).

Hmmm ... well, I have been applying to everything ... :)

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