The college me

Found my Purdue ID tonight ... from 1997. I had totally forgotten what that thing even looked like. I'd like to tell the 18-year-old me, "In 12 years, you're going to really wish you majored in Pharm. Even though you hate Purdue. Your life is not going to turn out how you expect, so just fucking chill out."

But I didn't. I dyed my hair black, and got that unfortunate haircut (see below). Transferred to Ball State and decided journalism was a good idea even though, seriously. Who still reads newspapers? You don't even read them. You're just going to accumulate some drama along the way, then be back in college at 31 and wondering what happened. Spectacular. Good work, Ang.

Wouldn't have wanted to miss out on meeting my good friends along the way though ... just would rather be earning six figures than learning to give bed baths right now. :)