At Chuck's request ... the intro

So, Chuck (Chaz) tells me I should start a blog "to keep up with musings of your new life on the east coast." Well, my first thought on that was, "No way because that will just give written record that I'm too negative." (Which I only started thinking about because my mom began telling me that I HAVE to stop getting so irritated about things because she saw someone just like me on Dr. Phil the other day and he said ... I have gotten the "Dr. Phil says" talk from both her and my grandma many times about different stuff. Well, I am so happy for Dr. Phil that he has all the wisdom to tell everyone what they are doing wrong. Note: This comment only directs my annoyance at Dr. Phil, not my mom or grandma, who I love dearly.) So anyway, I did reconsider ... and we'll see. I thought maybe I could try to keep track of some of the things I encounter (I've already got one, but you'll have to wait) and post them every week or two. Some will be annoyances (intro into that above) and some good stuff (hopefully haha). Or, maybe it won't end up happening and this will be the only post. ;)

At the very least, it will give me an opportunity to vent, and I know that these rants are what some of my friends love about me (the Elaine factor) ... I can give them a good laugh (whether that's good for me remains to be seen). For the others that I might have put up a good front for ... surprise! Hehe ... no, hopefully everyone already knows me. :)