I suck

I should really log onto Blogger more often. I see I have been missing some stuff.

I remember signing up for Twitter in 2007 and thinking it advertising itself as a "microblogging service" seemed a little dumb. Joke's on me I guess since now I can't seem to get myself to write an actual blog. 140 characters always takes it.

And it seems like no one follows blogs. Or not my blog anyway. :)


And we will never speak of this again

Something mortifying happened to me this morning that made me feel like a dirty, dirty traitor. I took a shower and thought I should bury it forever.

But then I texted a Patriots-fan friend of mine (she needs help), and decided to tell her ... and after a few hours, it seemed too ridiculous to not share.

I had a sex dream about Tom Brady last night.


Yes, you read that right. This makes no sense to me for many different reasons, the least of which being that it is terrifying for a Colts fan. The only saving grace was at the end when I turned around and saw what he was wearing ... I thought, "Wow. So Gisele dresses him in pink pants."

What a disappointment

Wow. No blog posts for all of 2011. That is pathetic.


The college me

Found my Purdue ID tonight ... from 1997. I had totally forgotten what that thing even looked like. I'd like to tell the 18-year-old me, "In 12 years, you're going to really wish you majored in Pharm. Even though you hate Purdue. Your life is not going to turn out how you expect, so just fucking chill out."

But I didn't. I dyed my hair black, and got that unfortunate haircut (see below). Transferred to Ball State and decided journalism was a good idea even though, seriously. Who still reads newspapers? You don't even read them. You're just going to accumulate some drama along the way, then be back in college at 31 and wondering what happened. Spectacular. Good work, Ang.

Wouldn't have wanted to miss out on meeting my good friends along the way though ... just would rather be earning six figures than learning to give bed baths right now. :)


Facebook changes

Until yesterday, I hadn't ever bitched to Facebook about their unnecessary changes to the site. People would complain and complain, but I usually found a way to be able to access the info I wanted about people and it was fine.

Then Facebook decided to make me link all of my interests, music, movies, workplaces, etc. to public pages instead of just making it available to my friends. According to the Facebook Blog, this was supposed to be "connecting to everything you care about." When I didn't want to connect to everything I care about, all of my personal information was deleted.

As far back as there were opportunities to become "fans" of things, and more recently, to "like" them, I have refused. As more and more people became fans of "not lighting yourself on fire" and even things normal and non-idiotic like "The Indianapolis Colts" (or replace that with your favorite sports team), I held fast to my resolve. Yeah, I'm stubborn ... but I just didn't want to, and I was not going to start even if one of my good friends wanted me to become a fan of their business or band. They would understand that I loved them anyway, without my Facebook "liking."

That is why I found this Facebook change so unacceptable. They were going to make me connect with pages whether I liked it or not. And of course, no one was going to force this chica to change.

Another reason I don't want to link up to other people who shared my interests? Back when I was able to list things on my own, I had listed things that were a little off the wall, but that my friends would understand.

Like air conditioning.

People who know me would likely understand that I was being a little random ... expressing my hatred of humidity and 90 degree temperatures by saying that air conditioning was an interest of mine. But if I allowed Facebook to link that interest to a page about "air conditioning" where other people could connect with me, I would likely be randomly connected to HVAC technicians and the like. Some friends once told me blogs need visuals:

You get the idea ... No, thank you.

So, now all my profile shares is the default pieces of "basic info," the bio I had written, and of course, contact info ... because Facebook wants to make sure it provides any chance possible to maybe get your contact info out there to the public at large. You can't even list your school info.


Wonder if it will even continue to import my notes from blogger ...



Awwww ... at dinner, we were talking about blogging, and I thought of my once popular blog. Oh, the days of the MySpace heyday ...

So, I skimmed through some of the old posts. How I miss the days of funny/odd/annoying/weird things happening to me that made such good blog material.

I'm not sure if less of the stuff actually happens, or if I just don't notice it as much because after moving back to Indy, things just seem normal and gasp ... mundane. I hope that's not it since I spent so much time wanting to get back here. Arg.

You know, I just thought of something that kind of killed it. Facebook status updates ... especially when friends started to be able to comment on said updates. If something happens, Facebook provides too much instant gratification. Shame on it, and shame on me.

I'm going to try harder to realize a good blog topic when I come across one. Yes, here I am AGAIN saying, "I'm bringing back the blog." I hope it's for real ... and no more of those serious, depressing ones like the last two. Sorry about those. Yuck.

Oh, last week, I got the letter confirming I'm in nursing school. Start in May for 18 whirlwind months. Yeah, some funny shit has to come out of that. :)


Tell me we've all been there ...

We Google someone we know we shouldn't ...

Only to be hurt to see that it looks like they've moved on ...

And we know there are plenty of great reasons it shouldn't hurt ...

But it still does. I hate that it still does.

(Truthfully, it was sort of my e-mail contact list's fault this time, but the result was still the same ... and I have been guilty of Googling before.)