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Here are the rules: Once you've been tagged you have to write a blog with six weird things/habits about yourself.

1. "Hello, my name is Angie, and I'm a Softlips addict." OK, well Softlips is my favorite, but any lip balm will do. If I realize that I don't have some with me, I go into my own little state of panic, and my lips INSTANTLY feel chapped. It's usually a bad mood sort of situation.

2. When I go to bed, I turn on the alarm and lay down. After about 5-10 min., I start thinking that maybe I didn't turn it on, even though I always do, so I have to turn around and check. This unfortunately repeats anywhere from one to three times each evening before I finally relax that it is in fact turned on.

3. When I am done eating, I have to go wash my hands to get rid of the food smell. This sounds like normal enough of a thing to do, but if I have eaten something with a strong smell, I have to continue washing for as many more times as it takes to get rid of even the faintest smell.

4. I generally don't like the icing that comes on most cakes, so when I have a slice, I always tip it on its side and eat from the bottom, usually leaving a perfect, upright slab of icing remaining. I also leave the crust of cheesecake in the same manner.

5. When I put dishes in the dishwasher, I have to pre-rinse them to the point that every speck of food is off of them just in case the machine might not get everything on its own. Maybe when I own I dishwasher that I have selected new, I will trust it ... I don't know.

6. I can't stand loose hair ANYWHERE on the shower walls or on ANYTHING in the shower. I have to rinse it away pronto if I see it (making sure that it won't hit my feet on the way to the drain) ... and if I notice it later in the day, I have to rinse it away before leaving the bathroom.


Smokin' graphics

Sometimes when I'm in the middle of updating a glamorous E. coli chronology such as this ...

... I wonder if the people creating weird graphics like these, courtesy of Japan Tobacco Inc., are having more fun:

Eh, maybe I should stick with my job. :) Chronologies and charts aside, I do get to research "The Price is Right" for an anniversary graphic after all. It's amazing how much media there is out there about this show ... I sure do hate going through it hehe. FYI, Bob Barker's youthful voice in the '70s is something to give a listen.


OK, Doc

I had to see an endocrinologist for new insulin because the Humulin U that I have used since I was diagnosed was discontinued. After being told the fact I was still using that kind was archaic a few times with an exasperated look (sorry, it's been working very well for me, so why change), I got a scolding.

And no, not for what might make sense for a doctor to lecture about … as RobG guessed … something like not testing my blood sugar enough or not keeping my blood sugar in proper check. Nope, I'm good there. After seven years with the condition, I was scolded for apparently being ashamed of having diabetes!

I guess I used the word "discreet" a few times when talking about using my medication. Finally, she sighs loudly and says, "You need to get this 'discreet' business out of your head. There is no reason to be discreet about anything. Being diabetic is no big deal. You'd be surprised at the number of people that are diabetic. It doesn't matter if people see you take your medicine. It's nothing to be ashamed of. If you're hanging out with people that wouldn't like you if they saw it, then you don't want to hang out with them anyway."

Whoa. I was slightly taken aback to say the least. I told her that I was in no way ashamed, but that I preferred to carry around as few things as possible and the smallest items possible. Finally, I gave up even explaining myself because I got the distinct impression that she didn't believe me anyway.

Ashamed! I was so weirded out that I just stopped thinking about it and continued answering questions, but while I was riding back to work, the irritation began to fester. "You'd be surprised at the number of people that are diabetic," kept resonating in my head. I mean, wouldn't you be surprised by that number BECAUSE the people are, in fact, discreet about it?? Call me crazy, but I haven't felt the need to go waving my syringe around at the dinner table. Obviously, that's because I'm ashamed.

So, friends, watch out the next time you're dining with me. I've been going about this all wrong. I guess I need to come up with an outlandish ritual to flaunt that I'm diabetic. Who knows … maybe the whole restaurant should know about it. After all, there's nothing to be ashamed of.