Figuring out what to do about Henry has really messed Jack up

In a D.C. Examiner story about "We Are Marshall" today, Matthew Fox is quoted: "Your classic sports movie, a movie like 'Rudy,' I don't imagine women enjoy that movie that much. It's more of a guy's film."

Uh ... WHAT!?

You imagined wrong. Don't finish the surgery, Jack. He's not going to let you go.


Gift receipts

I started my Christmas shopping today ... downtown during the day because I'm NOT going anywhere near the malls until 2007. They are freaking insane.

So, I go to Bed, Bath and Beyond on my lunch hour.

New rule for myself: Don't go shopping when I have a time crunch because it will make me all that much more annoyed. Check.

I get to the cashier, she can't get my debit card to work and has to call someone over. Finally, it works, but now the pen they have there won't write for me to sign. I tell the woman the pen doesn't work ... three times before she pays attention to me. She says, "OK, I'll get you another one," and grabs THE SAME PEN that I was just using. I say, "No, that is the one I just tried." She sighs, annoyed, and walks off to find another pen. That one doesn't work either. Turns out that ink pens don't seem to like the stainless steel countertop that is installed. Smart move on that decor choice.

At this point, I have been there about 15 minutes longer than I needed to be ... then she can't find my copy of the receipt. She asks the cashier next to her about it, and that woman says, "Yeah, you gave me a receipt I didn't need, and I couldn't figure out why." They fish it out of the trash. I ask about my gift receipt. She says, "Bed, Bath and Beyond does not DO gift receipts." I say, "Seriously? How is that?" because I could swear I have gotten them before. Then I realized that the last several purchases I have made there have been something off a wedding registry, and I didn't need one, so maybe they don't. But, for real ... what kind of store doesn't give gift receipts now? Ugh.

So after work, I go to Macy's. I take my things to the cash register, and the woman rings them up ... slowly, folds them slowly, finds mismatching boxes ... slowly. I just want to go home.

She hands me my receipt, but again, no gift receipt. I say, "Don't you have a gift receipt?" She replies, "Did you tell me at the beginning of the transaction that you needed one?" I'm thinking ... it's Christmas, I'm obviously not buying men's stuff for myself and you gave me gift boxes! But I just say, "Well, no." She says, "Well, you have to tell me ahead of time that you're going to need that. I can't give you one now without doing the whole thing over again." At this point I do say, "It's Christmas! Obviously these are gifts ... I guess you'll have to do it over. I didn't know I had to specify." Then she mutters under her breath, "Yeah, I guess I am supposed to be asking people if they need a gift receipt when I start." Uh, yeah ... I thought so.

Sheesh! Happy holidays everyone ...


Muncie? Wow.

I thought about blogging a bit about my new favorite show, "The Class," last night, but then was too tired to think of a good enough hook ... and I couldn't find the clip that I actually wanted to show. Today, however, it gets in because CBS has given me two blogworthy topics.

1) We'll lead off with "The Class" since I already mentioned it. I started watching this show because it was on before my new favorite sitcom from last year, "How I Met Your Mother." I was slightly embarrassed to say that I actually watched it, but continued because I figured it would get cancelled fast. Luckily, it hasn't because now, I think it has made me laugh out loud as much as "The Office" and on a more consistent basis. (A couple of this season's "Office" eps have been slightly lacking ... thank God they've gotten Jim back in the Scranton office.) Here's a clip of my favorite character (but there also are some other pretty spectacular characters) on the show ... she's my new, more mean-spirited Elaine:

2) Even though I never really got into the whole "Cops" genre and probably wouldn't have given this show a thought to watch, next year's "Armed & Famous" reality show will now get scheduled on my Tivo because I found out today the celebrity cops have been sworn into the Muncie, Ind., police force as reserve officers. Yes, I'm slightly late on this, but sorry, I don't pay attention to the Muncie news anymore. I think I don't because it makes me even more weirded out that I spent three years living there.

Basic premise: "Celebrity" cops Erik Estrada, Trish Stratus, Wee Man, La Toya Jackson and Jack Osbourne become reserve Muncie police officers, ride with training officers and arrestees are offered a few hundred dollars or an "I got arrested by a celebrity and all I got is this lousy T-shirt," tee in order to put them on the reality show.

Sorry to all the suckers who take the T-shirt.

Ahhh, Muncie memories. Here is my favorite finding while I was there (and yes, I might have written this blog just so I could get this pic in):

The Snooz-U-Looz truck graveyard. Priceless.