She’s just not that into you

I'll admit that I read some advice columns. A lot of times it's because during work, I have to go through newspapers to search for graphics or illustrations our company can request from contributors.

I had to share this one because it is one of the most hilarious questions I have heard from a situational standpoint:

Dear Amy: My girlfriend is a bit of a neat freak.

This weekend, things were getting amorous, and we were heading to the bedroom when I lost track of her. Her explanation for the delay was that she stopped to clean the cat litter box.

I found the mental imagery disgusting, and it ended my interest in cuddling.

She is completely unapologetic. She insists it's no big deal and that I'm being a baby.

I cannot get her to understand how unromantic it is to clean the litter box somewhere between passionate kissing and lovemaking.

Upset Boyfriend

Dear Upset: I'm with you.

Also, when your partner denies that something you find upsetting should be upsetting, she is denying your right to your own feelings and reactions.

Even if she doesn't share your reaction to this, your girlfriend should confirm your right to your own feelings and do her best to see things from your perspective.

If your girlfriend can't imagine how this interruption would make you feel, then perhaps the next time she is feeling romantic, you should take a little "break" and rotate your tires.

I say it could be because she's making out with a guy that uses terms like "amorous" (ick), but no matter the problem ... dude, she couldn't have been THAT into it if she got sidetracked by the cat litter box. Seriously. You've got bigger problems.