Ice machine update

The situation has gotten out of hand.

I wrote the original blog the week before I was to be out of the office for a week in Indiana. I thought, "Thank God, I'm leaving next week. The machine will be fixed by the time I return."

Anyone following my Twitters knows this was not, in fact, true. Since it was not fixed, this put the timeline at "broken just more than two weeks."

I was told a repairman was in the office two times the week I was gone: The first time to bring in the cleaning solution that was alluded to in the e-mail about not putting notes on the ice machine, and the second time because the cleaning solution did not fix the problem.

The second time, the guy saw the blinking light, pressed the off button and turned it back on again to hear it filling with water (just as my boss had already done the previous week), told our office manager that it wasn't broken because it just needed to be reset, and left. I was told the machine made four cubes of ice that time.

Our HR person then got two bills for $150 from the repairman. $150 to pour cleaning solution into the machine, and $150 to turn the machine off and on and say it was never broken.

At this point, Tim says, "It's not going to be fixed. The guy has already charged $300 for nothing. We could have bought another ice machine for that much. Did he really think we hadn't tried that already?"

I, meanwhile, didn't understand why this repairman had not been called back for a free visit because he had charged, at the very least, $150 to do nothing, so he owed us for shady practices ... but our office managers were getting exasperated and annoyed that we were asking about it so much.

Yesterday, I went into the breakroom, and there finally was a man on his hands and knees with tools unscrewing parts and taking parts off of the ice machine. I happily go out to report this, and Lee says that it is the same guy that did not fix it three weeks ago.

I still had positive vibes going because he was actually taking the machine apart this time, even though Tim was not convinced. Tim asked an office manager what the status of the machine was, and she said, "It is fixed. It has to run through the cleaning cycle which takes 24 hours, so at 2 p.m. tomorrow, it should have ice."

I went into the breakroom today at 2:05 p.m. to find the following:

It did produce about 30 cubes, but tomorrow marks the timeline at "broken for five weeks." When a coffee machine broke a couple of months ago, it was replaced in two days AND we have two coffee machines! I am feeling some iced-drink discrimination here. Edit that. A LOT of iced-drink discrimination.


They've been around for more than 100 years

What I'm talking about here is the escalator. Figure out how to use them, people.

I'm not going to elaborate much on the "stand on the right" rule for Metro escalators. The topic has been covered in many blogs before (and it will be sure to piss RobG off hehe).

In short, if you visit D.C. and make use of the Metro trains, if you want to stand and ride, stand on the right side. Some of us don't want to wait five minutes to be transported to the top (and that's not even that much of an exaggeration at some stations).

But here's my new pet peeve for escalator use: If you're scared of the escalator, take the time to use the stairs or the elevator instead.

An adult woman this morning walked up to the left side ...
stalled ...
watched the escalator run for a few seconds ...
took a wide step to ensure her entire foot would only be on a step, not on a crack ...
walked slowly up about four steps ...
stopped, presumably to mentally prepare herself for the exit ...
stepped off in a nervous, wobbly manner ...
then paused again to right herself.

This is fine if you are two, but the rest of us who mastered the art of using an escalator by age four piled up behind her with nowhere to go, and me, being directly behind her, took the brunt of the stack up.

My annoyance might have been escalated this morning because it was about 95 degrees down there at 100 percent humidity; there were train delays; I had been on a packed train with pretty much nowhere to stand but too close to a sweaty armpit; and all I wanted to do was go home to take another shower ... but seriously! Don't get on the damn thing if you're an idiot.

That's all.


My life on shuffle

OK, I took this from Natz's blog. I filled a similar one of these out months ago as a bulletin, which I really wish I would have saved because all the songs came up perfectly. We'll see how I fare on this one.

How am I feeling today? Lyin' Eyes – Eagles; Huh ... I don't think I've lied about anything today. Or cheated on anyone. Oh well, NEXT!

Will I get far in life? Where Would I Be? – Cake; Apparently I'm waiting for someone's arms to be around me. I've been waiting ... for so long. I guess I'll keep doing that.

What is the story of my life? Baby It's You – The Beatles; Again, not sure who we're talking about here.

How can I get ahead in life? Lightning Crashes – Live; There was lots of lightning tonight causing me to have to read Cosmo by flashlight in the dark for an hour ... I guess that means I'm on my way to getting ahead.

What is the best thing about me? Wifey – Next; Uhhhh ... I guess that's for someone to figure out.

What is tomorrow going to be like? Been Around The World – Puff Daddy (yes, that was the nickname he was going by then); Sounds like Chipotle Thursday could turn out to be a hassle.

What is in store for this weekend? Heard 'Em Say – Kanye West; I don't know.

What song describes my parents? My Sharona – The Knack; Well, they were at least still together when this song was released.

How is my life going? Stay Fly – Three 6 Mafia; OK, sure. I am pretty great haha.

How does the world see me? You Turn The Screws – Cake; Everyone thinks I'm ruthless?

Will I have a happy life? I Wanna Know – Joe; This might be the most accurate one yet.

What do my friends really think of me? Liar – Profyle; Wow, the world and my friends are hard on me in this thing! Maybe I was walking around with lyin' eyes today haha.

Do people secretly lust after me? Take It Easy – Eagles; Haha ... Take it easy, and stop asking dumb questions.

How can I make myself happy? Bizounce – Olivia; Right ... stop taking people's shit.

What song will they play at my funeral to immortalize me? Private Idaho – The B-52's; A little obnoxious for a funeral, but if you all so choose ... They did put on one of my favorite concerts.

I think the bulletin one came up better ... it wasn't my day today for the shuffle.