I don't know why I even looked ...

... but I was prompted by stupid Fox 5 News at 10. They promoed they were going to compare lunch selections to Big Macs. NOT a good thing to postpone watching "Lost" for. Now I am probably not even going to get to watch "Lost" tonight. (Not that I will be missing much, right Nick?)

Anyway, let's compare my favorite lunch selections and try to figure out how I do not weigh 300 pounds. OK, go!

The Big Mac standard:

540 calories

29g fat

45g carbs

Ew ... but not having the nasty "special sauce" drops it to:

450 calories

20g fat

43g carbs

So that's my comparison.

Now for my preferred meals … yikes!

Chipotle, chicken fajita burrito:

1,027 calories

45g fat

105g carbs

(I eat here AT LEAST once a week ... some weeks, twice.)

Qdoba, chicken nachos:

1,300 calories

68g fat

110g carbs

(That one's scary ... I eat there once a week.)

Baja Fresh, chicken burrito ultimo w/chips:

1,090 calories

45g fat

113g carbs

Cosi, tuna cheddar w/chips:

1,106 calories

64g fat

70g carbs

(The chips are killer on those last two.)

Potbelly needs to get with the times ... they don't let you choose what you get on your sandwich, so they can't be included. BAD them.

So I guess I should be ecstatic that, of my selections, Chipotle comes in the winner. As if I needed another reason to go there. And let's be fair here ... who eats a Big Mac without fries? So throw those in and a few packets of ketchup, and we're up to:

1,060 calories

51g fat

122g carbs

And then everything's just about even ... with the exception of Qdoba, which is a frightening one (thanks a lot for recommending the nachos, RobG, and Natz, sorry ... I still haven't tried Moe's).

Whew! All even, but I still should really consider going to my gym more often. Maybe if I look at this every other day or so ... ;)