Awwww ... at dinner, we were talking about blogging, and I thought of my once popular blog. Oh, the days of the MySpace heyday ...

So, I skimmed through some of the old posts. How I miss the days of funny/odd/annoying/weird things happening to me that made such good blog material.

I'm not sure if less of the stuff actually happens, or if I just don't notice it as much because after moving back to Indy, things just seem normal and gasp ... mundane. I hope that's not it since I spent so much time wanting to get back here. Arg.

You know, I just thought of something that kind of killed it. Facebook status updates ... especially when friends started to be able to comment on said updates. If something happens, Facebook provides too much instant gratification. Shame on it, and shame on me.

I'm going to try harder to realize a good blog topic when I come across one. Yes, here I am AGAIN saying, "I'm bringing back the blog." I hope it's for real ... and no more of those serious, depressing ones like the last two. Sorry about those. Yuck.

Oh, last week, I got the letter confirming I'm in nursing school. Start in May for 18 whirlwind months. Yeah, some funny shit has to come out of that. :)

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