Muncie? Wow.

I thought about blogging a bit about my new favorite show, "The Class," last night, but then was too tired to think of a good enough hook ... and I couldn't find the clip that I actually wanted to show. Today, however, it gets in because CBS has given me two blogworthy topics.

1) We'll lead off with "The Class" since I already mentioned it. I started watching this show because it was on before my new favorite sitcom from last year, "How I Met Your Mother." I was slightly embarrassed to say that I actually watched it, but continued because I figured it would get cancelled fast. Luckily, it hasn't because now, I think it has made me laugh out loud as much as "The Office" and on a more consistent basis. (A couple of this season's "Office" eps have been slightly lacking ... thank God they've gotten Jim back in the Scranton office.) Here's a clip of my favorite character (but there also are some other pretty spectacular characters) on the show ... she's my new, more mean-spirited Elaine:

2) Even though I never really got into the whole "Cops" genre and probably wouldn't have given this show a thought to watch, next year's "Armed & Famous" reality show will now get scheduled on my Tivo because I found out today the celebrity cops have been sworn into the Muncie, Ind., police force as reserve officers. Yes, I'm slightly late on this, but sorry, I don't pay attention to the Muncie news anymore. I think I don't because it makes me even more weirded out that I spent three years living there.

Basic premise: "Celebrity" cops Erik Estrada, Trish Stratus, Wee Man, La Toya Jackson and Jack Osbourne become reserve Muncie police officers, ride with training officers and arrestees are offered a few hundred dollars or an "I got arrested by a celebrity and all I got is this lousy T-shirt," tee in order to put them on the reality show.

Sorry to all the suckers who take the T-shirt.

Ahhh, Muncie memories. Here is my favorite finding while I was there (and yes, I might have written this blog just so I could get this pic in):

The Snooz-U-Looz truck graveyard. Priceless.

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