Citification complete

I decided I few days ago that I was wasting a lot of money paying for a car that I drove a few times a month (well, it had been bugging me that I was wasting so much money on it for a few months, but I only decided to bite the bullet and do something about it a few days ago). Now, I'm happy ... and a little nervous ... to say that my uncle is going to take it off my hands for me. I think he would have rather had the red Jetta that I had a couple years back, but he was nice enough to accept my current one instead.

So, yeah ... anyone who really knows me, and how I am with my cars, understands what a HUGE decision this is. OK, back to the "a little nervous" part ... now that I'm typing this, I'm completely scared, but it will be an interesting little experiment. Angie without a car ... crazy! :O

I'll try out the Zipcar service for a little bit to see how that works for my three trips a month to the store, and if it turns out I think I made a horrid mistake, then I guess I'll buy another one. And, Mike, if this comes back to bite me in the ass, I'm coming after YOU for planting this seed in my head again! Just a heads up.

Oh, and an added bonus of the transaction ... this means that in two or three weeks, I get an unexpected visit back to Indiana when I deliver the car to New Richmond. Yay. :)

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