I trust the worst design will be picked again.

First off, thank you to the Indiana BMV for making it SO easy for any random person to vote on their site whether they're an Indiana resident or not. Sure, maybe not that many people would care to vote for license plates, but still. It makes me happy. :)

Standard plate design voting started today. Here are the options:

They're not completely terrible, but they sure aren't giving anyone much of a difference of opinion in choices.

People are bitching about that, but I think it could be a good thing since it was proven in the first go-round of voting in 2001 that residents can't be trusted when given drastically different options. A whopping 42 percent of voters picked the current, green abomination when there were better choices to be made:

I actually was an Indiana resident voting that time ... and then I remember being happy when the votes came back that I wasn't going to be there and have to plate my car with that thing. Those colors. Horrid. Hmm. Illinois people, there you go. There was ONE perk to living in your state. ;P

I'm pretty sure I picked the top right one because I've always wanted there to be something on the plate that had to do with the Indy 500, and I figured that was as close as I was going to get (since 1979, I guess no one has shared my opinion). It's funny seeing it again because it looks like all the designers this year copied it, but stripped off the key part that I enjoyed. Nice. The middle left one could have been an option I would have considered with the "Hoosiers" feel, but it was probably nixed because the coloring looked too much like the stupid "Amber Waves of Grain" plate. And that font. Jesus. Looking more at that one now, I see it has more than a "Hoosiers" feel. The artist pretty much just paused the DVD, traced out the scene of Coach Dale trying to convince Jimmy Chitwood to play for the Huskers near the beginning of the movie, and sent it on its merry way.

Not so good. The other two were pretty much, "Whatever," but I'm certain if I ranked them, the winner would have been my LAST choice.

OK, I pay way too much attention to license plates. I always have. Especially if someone has a stupid-ass saying like "BABYBOO" or some crap on there. Be it a waste of money or not, I always liked that Indiana changed up their plates so often. It gave something to look forward to since every design pretty much sucked. You knew you didn't have to have it forever, and you'd wonder if they'd get it right with the next design. Then they didn't, and the cycle could go on. I also always liked identifying what county a person was from by looking at the number designation. Negative points, Indiana, for dropping that unique characteristic this time. Sure, the county name is going to be spelled out on the plate, but what's the fun in that? And every person I've met that was in Indiana for an extended period of time, but didn't grow up there, was completely confused by the concept to the point of irritation and pissiness, which was kind of funny.

ANYWAY, I voted for the one in the lower left. At first, I argued with RobG that it was like Michigan was just taking the state over. Then I kept looking, imagined it on a car, and I feel simple is the way to go. Since at least 42 percent of people voting are idiots, and if we keep true to history, I'm inclined to think the option in the lower right will win with that god-awful seal plopped on top of the flag like a designer's nightmare. I'm excited for the results even if I don't have a car to put it on right now or live in the state. I might just get back there in the next five years. Who knows. Which one are you voting for? Vote here. (Non-Indiana people, don't feel left out. Just use 47933 or any other random Indiana ZIP of your choosing.)

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