Random sighting

I got to the airport WAY earlier than I needed to for my flight today. I see that Indy is in definite need of an airport upgrade now because there weren't any TVs at the gates for me to watch the game on ... not in D concourse anyway ... and the only thing in that concourse is the lame, Dick Clark's American Bandstand restaurant.

I thought that restaurant had gone out of business, but I guess not.

Anyway, not important. I go in there to the bar to watch the Colts game until my flight.

There was hardly anyone in there, and TONS of open seats at the bar, yet two guys come in and sit down right next to me. Even though there were plenty of open seats to have put an empty one in between us. Annoying.

And the game was annoying at that point, too. And the guy kept grabbing his cell phone every two minutes and bumping my chair. Enough already.

Not far into the second quarter, a guy comes up to the guy who sat next to me and says, "Are you Rupert?" To which he replies, "Yes, do you need a picture?"

HA. At that point I realize the guy who has been annoying me for the last 20 minutes was Indy's own Rupert Boneham from "Survivor."

It still didn't do all that much for me since I don't watch the show, but I did think it was kind of humorous. And I still kind of wished he had sat farther down to allow a seat in between the two of us. :)

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