I have a headache

I get bored with my hair pretty easily. Since I've decided I want to let it grow long (-er than it is), this is a problem because I can't just go chop it off for a change.

So, I decided to wear my hair in pigtails today. This is something I haven't done since Coal Creek Central days ... and for those of you that don't know, that would be K-3. I really don't even think I liked wearing it like that much then, and now I might have a reminder why (see headline). Too much weight tugging at both sides of my head ... yes, my "pig"tails are pretty much two ponytails by anyone else's standards. Ouch.

Anyway, I thought it would be something to make a Tuesday more interesting and see what kind of reactions I would get. Here are my findings:

1) My boss told me he doesn't talk to women who wear pigtails. He was kidding ... I think.

2) I got a few double-take looks on the street.

3) The guy at the store where I bought my dad's Christmas gift was EXTRA helpful ... and kept smiling at me strangely.

4) Another co-worker asked me if I was in a bad mood when he got into the office. When I said no and asked why he would think that, he said, "Because you've got your naughty girl hair today." Hahahahahaha. That one was funny.

5) After I paid for some items at CVS, I turned around and a guy in line had a huge smile on his face. When I made eye contact, he gave me the "what's up" nod. Sorry, Dude. I was over it by that point.

Number of women that commented: Zero. ;)

And there were a few people that held a conversation with me completely like nothing was out of the ordinary. I might find them the most odd ...

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