The Cubs need me?

This blog is to get my friend, Josh, some help on his monumental task. When I talked to him Monday on the way to the Cubs game in Cleveland, I joked that I was going to be their good luck charm. Josh replied that if that were the case, then it was going to be my full-time job to go to every home and road Cubs game for the rest of the season. And who is going to argue with that? Problem obviously being my pay, Josh said he would raise funds to pay my salary and all travel expenses. Well, I did do them some good on Monday, and I think he might need some help. Why should all the Cubs fans help? Their scoring on Monday was directly related to the time I was there. I arrived late to the game in the second inning, the inning their scoring began. And anyone who watched the game saw their near meltdown in the ninth inning, which very well could have been caused by the fact that I was persuaded to leave during the eighth inning. Luckily, they scored enough runs while I was there to make up for my poor judgment call. Coincidence? Who knows. Don't worry, though. I will take my new job VERY seriously and not make the same mistake twice. Or based on tonight's game, it could just be that they need rain interruptions to win haha. (Personally, I think me being able to go to all of the games is better.)

And on a completely different topic: "Big Brother" is starting up. Yay! But please, America, can we NOT vote Ivette back in the house?? Anyone else will be fine. I would like to know why there is no opportunity to get to see Drew from Season 5 or Nathan from Season 4 ... no one wanted the attractive boys back? Oh well ... at first I was annoyed by this "All-star" version, but then I realized that they did it for me because they knew I wouldn't be able to leave my new job so soon to be on the show. Next summer though ... yeah, someone help me come up with something to send in on video, and I'm SO there.

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