CVS ... who knew?

So I'm not usually a big fan of chocolate chip cookies ... especially the Chips Ahoy variety. (AKA, a crunchy, hard cookie.)

And I really shouldn't be eating them anyway.

But then it happened. Bryan brought these cookies to Nick and Abby's for the Super Bowl. And they turned out to be DELICIOUS. So much so, that I couldn't stop eating them even though the combo of them with Miller Lite wasn't the greatest. Still, I had to have them, and when I checked the package to see what kind they were, it said CVS brand. Interesting.

This weekend, I was having a craving for these cookies (brought on by a game show contestant having the name "Cookie" oddly enough), but I wondered ... was their tastiness amplified by my half-drunken state during the game?

The answer is no. These are the best damn chocolate chip cookies I have ever eaten. From CVS. It gets better than that. Their name. "Absolutely Divine" Chocolate Chip cookies. Spectacular. And the cheesiness of the box just adds to their charm. There's a letter on the side from the CVS CEO who says, "To create the ultimate chocolate chip cookie, it takes a traditional all-butter recipe and mountains of chocolate chips!" Rock on, Tom.

There you have it. Highly recommended cookies ... the last thing you'd think to buy at CVS. I'm making myself only eat one tonight. OK, maybe two. Thanks a lot, Bryan. ;)

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