The quiz of me

Well, there is the final scoreboard for those that signed up to get scored ... For the rest of you, see answers below:

Quiz answers (correct answers in bold)

1. What was my first car?
- Mitsubishi Eclipse
- Volkswagen Jetta
- Geo
- Eagle Talon
(12 of 20 got this correct ... the most ridiculous incorrect answer came from Jen. How she did not remember that the Tracker was first, I still cannot comprehend.)

2. What do I have a tattoo of?
- Butterfly
- Scrubbing bubble
- Penguin
- Hot pepper
(Most people guessed penguin here, which makes sense. For the people who guessed butterfly ... do I REALLY seem like a butterfly person?? Come on now.)

3. What was my favorite college bar?
- Dill Street
- The Chug
- BW-3
- Scotty's Brewhouse
(Tough one for non-BSU-era people.)

4. What was my first job?
- TCTC Internet tech support
- The Udder Guys
- Detasseling
- Pace Dairy
(This proved to be the most difficult question ... only my mom, Joe C., Shel and Jen came up with the right answer.)

5. What do I consider my worst date ever?
- Aspiring-actor tour bus driver guy
- First: He got a Live CD, put "I Alone" on repeat
- Guy who asked to give me my insulin injection
- Guy who needed to change, then broke my shower
(None of these were made up, first off. Ugh. Of the 15 people that guessed incorrectly on this, 10 guessed the insulin guy. You WOULD think that would be the worst wouldn't you? But no, actually having to sit through an entire symphony concert with the idiot that shows up on the second date needing to get ready and proceeds to break my shower by far topped the insulin injection date, which I promptly ended immediately after dinner.)

6. Where did I waitress for a summer in college?
- Bob Evans
- Texas Roadhouse
- Steak N Shake
- Outback Steakhouse
(Most popular incorrect answer here was Texas Roadhouse. I only WISH I worked at Texas Roadhouse haha. Damn The Daily News for forcing me into a morning job.)

7. Who have I NOT seen in concert?
- The Eagles
- Cake
- Snoop
- Ben Folds
(I just haven't gotten a good opportunity to see Cake, but definitely would if and when it presents itself. Answer above MOST OFTEN seen in concert? Snoop hehe.)

8. What ice cream flavor would I pick?
- Cookie dough
- Butter pecan
- Vanilla
- Rocky road
(Not much to say about these answers. RobG, I can't believe you guessed rocky road. Ew.)

9. Whose movies do I refuse to watch?
- Nicolas Cage
- Tea Leoni
- Claire Danes
- Jim Carrey
(This was the easiest question with only four people giving incorrect answers.)

10. Which is NOT one of my "good fountain soda" criteria?
- Crushed ice
- High-flow straw
- Vanilla flavoring
- Styrofoam cup
(Abby, we're going to forget that you chose high-flow straw when I was the one to coin that term hehe.)

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