Corey snubs me, I snub Frank Robinson

A lot of people have already heard the Mr. Patterson snub story mentioned in the subject line, so I won't be telling that again. If you haven't heard it and you're interested, message me. It's a pretty unsurprising story anyway.

As for my snub, tonight was the start of "grand re-opening weekend" at RFK Stadium to highlight the stadium "makeover" since the Lerner family bought the Nationals. What does that mean? Apparently, more concession options and lower ticket prices ... beginning with the series AFTER the Cubs and for the rest of the season. Nice of them to still want to cash in on the fact that they know they will have better attendance this weekend than they will for the entire season (and that's not because of the grand re-opening). It still looked like the same crap stadium to me. Here's to hoping that 2008 gets here fast.

Anyway, I get to the gates and just want to get through the ridiculous amount of people crowding around the entrance. I forgot that the team was going to be greeting fans before the game. I wonder, annoyed ... can the free hats be THAT good? I get my ticket scanned, grab my free hat (I had not yet put on my Cubs jersey as I had hurried to get there from work) and feel a hard tap on my shoulder. I turn around, and jabbing his hand out at me is Frank Robinson who says, "Don't you want to shake my hand? I can't believe you were trying to get by without seeing me." I was so stunned that I backed up and almost took out Ryan Zimmerman posing for pictures haha. That was a weird start to the evening. Sorry, Frank.

Then, in usual form, the Cubs lost. Nice. I guess it was good that Josh didn't bother to round up the money for me to be able to go to all of the games hehe.

That's all I have. Later.

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