A little suspect ...

So, I got an interesting piece of mail today.

A little background: A couple weeks ago, I finally got around to filing a report on some missing/damaged items to the moving company from my move in March. Today, I get a postcard from the company letting me know that someone would be contact with me about the stuff. The problem? Well, it reads like this:

ANGIE SMITH has been assigned to inspect and/or repair your damaged items.

If you do not hear from them by 08/01/2006, please contact them at (my telephone number here) or us at 1-800-747-4100 ext# 205 or 220 for Customer Service Assistance.

Uh, what?? The other weird thing is that they have my name in their computer as Angela Smith according to my address, so I don't know what would make them put Angie Smith. I wonder if I'm getting paid for this "assignment." Haha.

UPDATE: This week I got a check in the mail from Federal Moving and Storage for the full amount I requested. Damn, I should have "estimated" the damages for more ...
7.29.06 - 7:52 p.m.

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