Applying for "Big Brother 8"

So, I've started filling out the written application, and that's really no big deal. The pain in the ass part is the stupid two-minute video, and of course, that's the part that will actually get you selected haha.

I've been talking with some of my fellow "Big Brother" fans about this for a couple weeks and have a few ideas (thanks Natalie), but the more ideas the better right? Even my Gram has a few suggestions ... the funniest of which being that when we get ready to tape it, it would probably be good to have a beer beforehand. :) I'm thinking more like a beer or four hehe.

No rush ... I have to find someone to let me borrow their video camera, too. Actually, as long as they are still accepting applications at that point, probably the best time to film it would be when I'm back home in November. Who wants to help?? Fun times.

Whenever you come up with something, leave the idea for me, and I'll love you forever for helping me get on the show. I'll even give you a kick-back when I win the $500,000. ;)

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