5th grade all over again

I sat most of the day today feeling kind of like I was in 5th grade again. No, my hair wasn't in a ponytail or braid that nearly fell to my knees anymore (I don't know why I ever wanted my hair that long anyway), and I didn't get to go outside and play tag at recess in the middle of the day, but my capri jeans did have zippers at the bottom of the legs just like a couple of pairs of jeans I had in elementary school that I LOVED (the current ones fail to have the lace-filled heart cutout at the top of the zipper, though, which is probably a good thing for this day and age hehe).

OK, OK … I know that I wrote a blog about a month and a half ago where I bashed the skinny jeans. I know that now I sound a bit like a hypocrite (which I can't stand) because I have indeed sort of fallen back into the '80s trend zone, BUT can I just say that I was able to pick up this pair for only $13, they fit pretty good, and I really ONLY bought them to be able to pair them with boots for the winter. You see, a skinny-legged capri style will be able to fit nicely into my knee-high boots without horridly uncomfortable bunching, making me horribly hot all day, making my calves look like tree stumps, or making my jeans poof out at the knee like a parachute. I mean, you CAN'T tuck flared leg pants into boots … it just doesn't work!

Yes, so I only allowed myself to buy them for boots, but then this morning as I look at the bag with new clothes just waiting to get out, I decided it couldn't hurt just to give them a try while it is still warm enough to wear them as capris, right? And so the story ends … it hasn't been so bad.

Anyway, I'm admitting my indiscretion … which does a little to make up for it I hope. The ultimate problem is that having them is going to make me crazy to go out and drop a few hundred dollars on updated, sexy boots to go with them because I'm already sick of the pairs that I have, and it hasn't even gotten to be time to wear them yet! :)

ADD: Per Chuck's request, a pic documenting my hypocrisy ... enjoy.
9.30.06 - 2:13 a.m.

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