Rethinking priorities could be necessary

We had a fire drill in the building this afternoon, shortly after lunch. Now, I haven't dealt with a mandatory evacuation/head count since back in K-12 days ... when you didn't take anything with you, you didn't really have anything very important anyway, and you were just happy to be out of class for awhile.

Today, I start filing out with all of my coworkers, and making the trek down the 10 flights of stairs, I see many women walking out clutching their purses. Hmmm ... if this is a real fire, I think that might have been a good thing to grab. Things I would not have anymore had this not been a drill:

- Insulin
- Drivers license/identification
- Money
- ATM card
- Credit cards
- Cell phone (or any phone at my apartment)
- Key to apartment/key fob to even get into building

Oh, but what I did think to grab? My 32 oz. Diet Coke from Chipotle. Yeah, I think there's a problem there.

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