It’s now to the obsession stage ...

... or I just don't have a lot to do ... or both. On Chipotle's Web site, there is a review, "Not all fast food is created equal," from an '05 edition of The Kansas City Star. Well, I think I can do one better than that ... I say, "Not all Chipotle's are created equal," and as RobG suggested this week, I'm going to document it in my Chipotle rating board. It will let you know the nuances between the different locations ... proof that the restaurant is not simply some cookie-cutter, out of the box, every locale is the same, fast food joint ... which I think is a good thing even if some of the locations don't measure up sometimes.

The background:

A couple of weeks ago, while out with some friends, one of the people in the group that I hadn't met before asked the "What's your passion?" question. I HATE that question (or the variation, "What do you like to do with your free time?"). I'm sure it would be a perfectly fine question to get if I felt like I HAD a passion. Yeah, that would help. But as it stands, I don't feel that there's anything that I would just drop everything for ... well, maybe food and TV, but those aren't very healthy things and probably shouldn't be "passions," whatever that means. So, I get the question, I hate it because I feel like a boring, idiot when I say that I don't really think I have one, the conversation ends weirdly ... whatever. Anyway, on this particular evening, I decided to not have the weird outcome and just lay it out on the table by saying, "Ugh, I hate that question. I don't have a passion. Is that bad? Does everyone HAVE to have one?"

Him: "There's not something you really like to do?"

Me: "Honestly, I like to sit on my couch and watch TV. Most people would probably say I watch way too much TV. That's not a very good passion."

Him: "OK, so we need to figure out something that lets you just watch TV a lot, but get something out of it ... how about we'll get you hired at Entertainment Weekly as a columnist, and you can watch TV and get paid. Done!"

Huh ... well, not a half bad idea. At least then I wouldn't have to feel bad telling people I sit and watch TV for most of the day because it would be how I make a living. But, I'm not really a writer, so crap.

Then a few days ago, after my weekly Chipotle lunch, I commented to RobG on IM how delicious my burrito was that day. That led to me telling how I felt my burritos from that particular location were ALWAYS the best, and how I have had some from other Chipotle's that just weren't quite as tasty (but still worth eating). RobG said, "Wow. They should pay you to travel around and rate their locations." Ah ha! That might just top the Entertainment Weekly suggestion I thought ... and it's easier to do as well.

And so it begins. As it stands now, I'll only be updating the board with visits from my daily life since the company is, big surprise, not paying me for this. :)

P.S. If you have a "usual" order when you go to Chipotle, find your burrito soulmate here. As of this date, I have seven.

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